Here is a list of eleven (11) items to find in your neighborhood or town:

  1. A Stetson (The Impossible Astronaut) - I found a little Cowboy football player plushie!
  2. cool Bow Tie (The Eleventh Hour) - An outfit I wear to Rocky Horror sometimes. Bow ties are cool.
  3. weeping angel statue (The Time of Angels) - This statue greets you in our local Psychic store. She creeps me out, yo.
  4. Jelly Babies Candy (The Almost People) - Sour patch kids. Delicious. Would you like a jelly baby?
  5. Roman Solider Guard (The Pandorica Opens) - This little guy’s actually a saint, but he’s sure dressed for the part of Centurion.
  6. A peg doll (Night Terrors) - I found these little handmade dolls in the psychic shop, and these creepy wooden nursery rhyme dolls, so there are two pics for this one!
  7. TARDIS junkyard (The Doctor’s Wife) - I posted a pic of one of our airsoft bunkers my friends made out of some scrap wood. I can pretend this used to be a big red box… Maybe it was Inspector Spacetime’s

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